Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Wednesday

It's a busy Wednesday and I'm super busy at work.

However, I'm very happy to report that my spinning mojo has finally returned home. 

Sundays are apparently exciting at my house, for some strange reason.  Last week it was the killer hummingbird.  This week it was multiple power outages.

The nice thing about having a hobby that does not require electricity is that I was happily spinning away when the power went out a little after 9pm and I stopped spinning only long enough to light an oil lamp.  Then I went right back to happily creating yarn.

Which is a vastly different reaction to all my neighbors who could be overheard heading out to their patios and griping/complaining about how awful it is that the power was out and what on earth were they going to do?  How would they fill their time until the power came back on?

Yup, it was Ye Olde Tyme at my house.

However it was very pleasant and relaxing.  Warm golden glow from the oil lamp, and the quiet purring of the wheel as it went round and round.

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