Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick funny bit

Okay, work is super super busy for another couple of weeks, so almost no one sees me right now (including me.)

However, we had a funny at the house Sunday that absolutely MUST be shared on the internet.

To set the scene...  Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day.  I was supposed to have an estimate done on some repairs/improvements, and unfortunately that had to be rescheduled.

However the weather was nice and so I puttered in and out between inside the house and the patio.  Since I was right there, I let the cat out onto the patio to sprawl in the sun (because he's a big old drama queen and loudly declared that he NEVER gets to see the sun and therefore if he wasn't allowed out on the patio he would totally DIE.)

At one point, I was inside and he was sprawled outside as flat as possible.  Above him, and slightly to the right, is my hummingbird feeder. 

The female Anna's hummingbird who has claimed my feeder as her very own zoomed in to come to the feeder and get a snack.  However, HORRORS, there was a flat cat snoozing below!

She buzzed the cat, who barely cracked an eyelid at her.  (My cat doesn't understand about how most cats chase birds.  He seems to think they are flying noisemakers at best, and definitely not worth showing much interest in.)

So the hummingbird zoomed away, apparently thinking that her chattering buzz would definitely terrify the cat inside.

She came back about 2 or 3 minutes later to find that HORRORS the cat was STILL sprawled flat on the patio.

So she got a little lower, buzzed at him angrily, and then...




pooped on him.

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