Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays for those who celebrate them

And whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, I wish you a happy one.

Mine shall be quiet, partially by choice and partially by necessity. 

The new dryer has finally been delivered and with all the cost involved, I'm feeling remarkably poor for a while. 

To keep myself occupied, I have a scarf on the loom that needs weaving.  (Okay, to be completely truthful, it needs to be rethreaded again since if I wove right now it would make a scarf as wide as my head is tall.  Which I do NOT want.  So rethreading, THEN weaving.)  I have a ton of fiber that the mill processed for me and it is gorgeous and ready for spinning (note to self, remember to email the alpaca breeder to ask her for pictures of the alpacas that I got fleeces from.)  I have a ton of fiber to spin, and projects on 2 of the spinning wheels.  I have the last of an older fleece to finish carding so that I can spin it up for the cat bed project, and then I can move on to spinning new stuff.

I have plans to finish unpacking the boxes in both the living room and the bedroom by the end of the year (yes, I have been called deluded, why do you ask?)  I know it won't actually happen, but I can at least try to get a bit more of it done by next week.  I do plan to make at least one more trip to the thrift store with some things and hopefully get more space in the house. 

I also want to take some time and get ALL of the fiber bins down.  ALL of them.  I then want to get EVERYTHING out of them and try to make some semblance of order out of all of it.  Because when you have 14 bins of STUFF, and you have no idea where any of the stuff is...  yeah, you have a problem.

The cage will be going outside tomorrow to be scrubbed down and hopefully fitted into the outside storage unit.  I will also spend some time watching some Instant Play on Netflix or On Demand or something so that I can get some paperwork filed.  Which I've been meaning to do for ages now.  I think that will be a good amount to do for a holiday and I shall then be justified in spinning for an hour or two tomorrow evening.  And I plan to spin something warm and thick because my office is freezing cold and I want something warm and snuggly.
Will all this happen?  Who knows? But it doesn't hurt to try.

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