Monday, February 4, 2013

Wait! Wait weekend, come back!

I blinked and missed the weekend.

I didn't even get as much done as I would like to say I did.  I went to the grocery store, but forgot several things, so had to go back to the grocery store, and then forgot a few OTHER things, went to Costco...  and bought a lot of things I don't need and the couple of things I did need, and STILL forgot a few things.

I'm not going back to the store without my list.

I have a list with 2 things on it for tonight.  1. small bottle of sparkling water to take to a friends house.  2. bag of King Arthur Bread Flour.

Normally I bake bread on Sundays.or Saturdays if I am really organized.  But generally Sundays.  Last weekend, this plan failed and it was only because I wasn't quite finished with the last of the previous loaf.  Which is a pretty silly reason to skip the schedule.  ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact that I am not home until late both Monday and Tuesday.  But I figured I would make bread on Wednesday.  I didn't plan on working extra long hours and being absolutely exhausted by Wednesday.  Short version, I didn't get around to making bread until Friday.  And then most of the weekend, I ate toast.  Which is also stupid.  But I slept a bit later than I intended on Saturday and had enough time to make toast with peanut butter and a banana for breakfast.  Sunday I had a migraine, so toast it was to try to deal with the upset tummy.

But I did make another loaf of bread on Sunday.  A rustic French loaf instead of my normal sandwich sourdough.  It's lovely and chewy and very delightful with soup.  Which is what was for lunch today.

You know why you shouldn't go shopping when you don't feel well?  Not just because you buy things you don't need, but you buy things that you would normally need, but you already bought and now you have 7 FREAKING POUNDS OF POTATOES...  or maybe that's just me.  but I do have 7 freaking pounds of rainbow potatoes.  Not even baker potatoes or two different general types.  Nope.  7 pounds of rainbow "fingerlings".  Sigh.  I plan to make potato soup and some stew this week and next to try to use some of the potatoes up.

On the non-food side, I finally finished carding all the alpaca fiber into gradient bunches so that I can spin a lovely gradient shaded lace yarn from cinnamon brown to white.  I plan to knit a pretty shawl with it.  Since I finished that and now I'm determined to actually get back to spinning a bit more, the carder is now put away for a while.  I have some lovely super soft merino on one of the spinning wheels and a beautiful soft cormo on one of the others.  I have a third wheel sulking in a corner, but she will have to deal since I want to leave her for plying.  My current plan is to spend evenings spinning on the cormo since it is on a wheel that isn't a travel wheel.  The merino is on my little folding wheel so it can go places with me.  I want to finish spinning the cormo that I currently have on the big wheel because I want to use that wheel for the alpaca.  It's got the fastest speed and since the finer the yarn, the more twist it needs (generally), it makes sense to use the fastest wheel.

I am testing knitting a sock pattern for a designer.  It's interesting.  This is for a designer I haven't worked with before.  The pattern is interesting and clearly written, which I very much appreciate.  I have maybe another two inches on the leg and then we get into the section with things I haven't done before.  She has a new (to me) heel technique and she wrote a shaped arch for the foot.  I haven't done either of those things before, so I'm looking forward to that.

I did finish the alpaca shawl I spun for a little over a month ago.  That is all pretty and warm and at work.  But you can see a peek at it here:

Not the greatest picture ever, but we haven't had weather that was conducive to taking a picture of the shawl outside or anywhere that you can actually see the depth of colors.  It was interesting to watch it grow as I blocked it to dry.  It went from the size of a large bandana to being about 5.5 feet wide at the widest part. 

I have tentative plans to spin some yarn to make some socks, I just haven't decided which fiber to use and if I want to blend it with some nylon or not.

for now, the carder is put away and I WILL be spinning down the stash for a while.  I need to get back to being able to close the bins and I will be sending handspun yarn to people so that perhaps some day I can close the yarn bin too.

There really wasn't that much going on this past week.  Work, bread, tired, more bread, a little spinning, some other fiber stuff, and then back to work.

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