Friday, March 8, 2013

I know, I know. I claim not my fault

I usually post on Fridays.  Because I usually can take part of my lunch time and babble out a blog post.

Last week it didn't happen because I was on the road during lunch time.  I was traveling down to Oregon to spend a weekend with my mom.

My original plan had been to leave work and somehow warp time so that I arrived in Centralia around 1-ish.  I would then stop and have some lunch and maybe wander around the outlet mall down there for an hour.  Then get back in the car and keep going.

Did you notice the key words there?  Yeah, I miscalculated the travel time and distance.  So breakfast was at 6, like usual, but then lunch didn't end up happening until 2:30 or so when I finally got to Centralia.  Walking around didn't happen much either.  I hit one store that was supposed to have had the pajamas I wanted.  However, like a lot of the fashion industry, they refuse to acknowledge that anyone over a size 12 might possibly want to wear clothes too.  Yeah, they're rather on my doghouse list at the moment.

So I get some food and wolfed it down.  Sadly I can't even tell you what it tasted like.  Then when I was feeling a bit better I headed over to the Lane Bryant (not really an) Outlet Store.  (I say not really an outlet because Outlet to me means that the prices will be lower than a non-Outlet store.  Apparently Lane Bryant doesn't believe this.)  However I did find some pajamas that were horribly expensive, but fit and were comfy.  So I bought the horribly expensive pajamas. 

On the one hand I love them because they are SOFT and comfortable.  They are perfect lounging jammies.  On the other hand, though, they are cotton and cotton tends to stick to my sheets and pull the sheets off the mattress when I roll over in my sleep.  So I'm waffling on whether or not they are good jammies.

I did finally get down to Oregon and spent the weekend with my mother.  It was the last weekend wtih one of her dogs as well.  That was sad, but not unexpected.  Hannah was a good girl, and now gets to rest without pain or stress.  Good girl Hannah.

I came home on Sunday and had to spend hours pacifying a VERY VERY upset cat.  Poor Shu, he really hates being alone.

Then this whole week has been busy and not with chores.  I need to do chores as well, but they've taken a back seat (mostly) to catching up at work.

This weekend will also be busy.  I have to catch up on the chores and there is more work to be done.  Just like always.  And I think this weekend will involve stripping the couch cover off the couch and getting it washed.  The poor cat threw up on it earlier this week and even though it was cleaned up, he's still resisting sitting on the couch by himself.

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