Monday, April 29, 2013

Hmmmm. Fridays have become Mondays

When I started writing in this blog more frequently, I decided I was going to update on Fridays, since often Fridays are quieter for me. 

But then everything has turned all topsy-turvy and I can generally fit a blog update in better on Mondays.


This weekend was pretty much all about the cat.  It was time for him to get his shots updated, so Saturday was a run to the vet.  Understand, this poor cat started life off being taken from his mother at about 4 or 5 weeks old, way WAY too early.  He was then taken with at least 1 and possibly 2 siblings and put into a car.  The car was then driven to my then apartment complex and the tiny kittens were thrown out of the car window.

And yes, I do actually know the thrown from a car part for a fact.  I saw it happen and was not at a good angle to get the license plate number.  My neighbors and I tried to find the kittens, and we found 1 who was dead.  The poor little baby had died on impact.  We saw signs that might have been from a severely injured kitten crawling off.  And we found the last kitten wandering around crying.  The last kitten ended up on my doorstep.  He was so tiny he fit in just the palm of my hand, and had been very skittish, which is why no one had been able to catch him.  He showed up on my doorstep the day I bought a foam mattress topper, so that ended up becoming a big cage to keep him from escaping me.

So this poor kitten was weaned way too early, and thrown from a car.  We do know that it was teenage boys in the car, and some of the bone formations in this cats face say he was probably kicked when he was tiny.  At least that is what the vet guessed at the time. 

Needless to say, the poor cat has a deathly fear of cars and trips in the car.

The trip to the vet was loud as he screamed the entire time we drove.  Then he cried and wailed in the waiting room.  He was silent in the vaccine room, and just huddled with his head buried under my arm, or against my tummy.  He was silent when the vet tech gave him his shots.  But then once he was back in the crate and back in the waiting room he was crying again.

After being VERY patient with people jumping ahead in the checkout line, we finally got to go home.  Where I let him back out of the crate and gave him a treat.  I then grabbed my spinning wheel and headed off to my spinning guild meeting.

Got there and started to set up my wheel, but realized that I was missing a required part.  So no spinning for me.  I knit on my sock instead.

See my sock?  It does look rather like a boat at the moment, but it's a sock shaped boat.

I'm putting a cabled pattern on the back, but there isn't enough there to really be seen yet.

After the guild get together, I went home again and cleaned the kitchen and cuddled the sulking cat.  :)

Sunday was cat again.  I was taking him to a friends house to see if he could interact nicely with her cats.  It wasn't awful, but not fantastic either.  My cat cried the entire time, one of her cats was very curious about this and one was absolutely NOT INTERESTED GET AWAY FROM ME.

There were only 2 hisses, and that's not bad at all.  I'm hoping that perhaps with more visits and work, then perhaps we can actually have playdates.  That might be nice for poor lonely Shu.  But we have to get him to the point where he doesn't immediately believe that I'm going to leave him somewhere.

Sunday night was more cuddling on the couch with the catling who was convinced that I was mentally traumatizing him.  :)

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