Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello Monday

How was your weekend?  Do Mondays even HAVE weekends?

I got a bit of a giggle out of the fact that so many people took great pains to tell me that the weekend weather was going to be LOVELY and SUNNY and WARM....  and then it poured down rain for most of it, except when I went out to pick up a spinning wheel for someone else. 

(The spinning wheel is NOT mine, and it is only having a sleep over with my wheels.  But it's a long sleep over.  Until sometime in July.  Ask me for a picture after all the girls are cleaned up.  ;)

But today the sun is out and while I actually have a horrific fear of the sun (WAY too many sunburns and other sun-related issues over the years) I do want to go outside and take long walks...  with my golf umbrella protecting me from the evil sunshine.

Instead, I'm being a responsible adult and I went to work today and am actually doing a good job of working.  So there.

This afternoon I head to the craft store to see if I can beg and plead for them to be willing to take back a return that is 95 days old...  the return policy is 90.  But I lost the bag right after I brought it home and I only found it last week.

I have just over 1 week left before I head to my sister's wedding.  And while I have made my plane reservations and my hotel reservations and I even am pretty sure that I will be able to afford all of this...  I hate traveling.  And you know, that's not actually true.  I love traveling.  I love going places and seeing things, and exploring new countryside. 

However, I hate the stress of trying to afford the travel, and the fact that I have no paid time off from work and the fact that trips like this have to be done via airplane.  I love to fly, but I hate the airlines.  I like trains.

And it occurred to me this morning that I should TOTALLY move to England and open a cottage industry mill to wash and card fiber for the shepherds.  Then they could open up their fiber market more easily to the US.  I think this is a GRAND PLAN.  ;)

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