Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can weather have multiple personalities?

Yesterday it snowed in Seattle.  This was April 16th.  It's not the latest snowfall, I don't think.  But it was surprising and amusing at the same time because about 2 hours before it had been very warm and sunshiney.

We had a "launch party" at work to show off a new phone that launched.  However because I'm a contractor, the only thing I get out of these is candy and cheap crap.  (Yes, I'm a bit cranky about it.)

On the upside of yesterday, one of the security guards spotted a large bug in the lobby of one of the office buildings.  He asked me if I could convince it to go outside.  I said sure because I recognized it as a Mason bee.  A very placid bee species.  I convinced her to step onto a piece of paper and she ended up settling on my hand instead (and then I jogged my elbow against the door accidentally and she fell to the ground.)

Poor baby was cold.  And I left her on an azalea bush in the sun so she could warm up. 

I apparently disturb some people because I'm not afraid of things like bees. 

Today it is sunny and warm outside.  I had a nice walk and a nice bus ride to work.  I'm still knitting on my socks, the needles still hurt my fingers, and the colors and fabric are still interesting.

I also finished spinning a yarn I was very excited to finish.  It is sitting on its bobbin waiting for me to get home tonight.

Here's a sneak peak of the yarn after plying it yesterday:

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