Monday, June 10, 2013

Something goes, but something comes back

It was a very busy weekend.  I had to take the cat to the vet for his booster shots.  That was a horrible mess.  Not completely because of my cat, he screamed the entire way to the vet to the point where I draped a rag rug over his carrier because it blocked some of the sounds.

We got to the vet and he screamed in the office until I finally let him out of his carrier.  It's like having a baby who is screaming and needs to be picked up.  Once I picked up the cat, and held him, the screams trickled off into snuffles and holding onto me for dear life.  (I DO NOT WANT CHILDREN, NEVER HAVE, AND YET I HAVE ONE.  Urgh.)

Finally got him calmed down so that I could put his butt back in the carrier and not have to hold him the entire time. 

We were finally called into the vaccinations room and the vet tech is new.  She was hired a month ago.  I know because I was there on her trial day.  That was the day Shu got his shots.  She comes in to do the shots today. 

Now I'm super lucky that I have a cat who is actually very mellow, and has been very well trained.  He hides his face against my arm or tummy, but he doesn't kick, bite, claw, squirm, scream, or anything else when having his temperature taken or when getting a shot.  I realize how luck I am and I am grateful.

The vet tech perforated my poor cat's hip.  She grabbed a fold of skin and poked the needle in...  and right through.  Then again, and again, and again.  Almost half of the shot liquid ended up on the table instead of in my cat.  She ended up getting a second dose and giving him another shot.  This one worked better.

I'm reminding myself that she's new to the clinic, and probably still nervous.  But still.

I then paid, while trying to keep the cat quiet in the carrier, and we wailed our way back home.


The biggest advantage to him being a cat instead of a human?  I can put him in the house and leave.  And I did.  I did give him a treat because he was deserving of one.  I left him to nap on his new little bed while I went to have lunch with my spinning guild.

Sunday I ended up running all over Edmonds, Lynnwood, Woodinville, and Kirkland with a friend of mine.  We picked up the last of my fleeces from the mill, she was splitting one with me, but the other two fleeces were mine.  Then we went to Daiso, and lunch, and then to Target, and Trader Joe's.  Long day, but nice.  Lots of walking. 

Then it's today and it's back to work we go.  And more snafus all over the place. 

Can I go back to bed until it's Saturday again?

Oh wait, I guess I can't.  I have meetings Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  ::sigh::

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akqguy said...

Ugh... I am sorry for the cat trauma. Good luck with the meetings. Take Friday off?