Sunday, June 29, 2014

Well, that was a pile of steaming ... good intentions...

I had wanted to make phone calls last week, and the week before. But I haven't had much of a chance. I've spent most of my time getting the last of my stuff out of the old place, and trying to fit it into the new place. And working. At a job that is very much something that I don't want to still be doing. I recognize that we do need Tech Support. And I am very good at it. However, I hate being set up for failure, which I think this position did. Between some of the worst training I have ever had the misfortune to experience (really? WEEKS AT A TIME of me just sitting at a desk and reading my book? Really?) and then finding out that maybe, just maybe 10% of what we were "trained" on is actually pertinent to our job. AND that some of the super important things were skipped over entirely... THEN being told that we must live, breathe, and swear by XYZ statement... and then being ordered to do something that is in absolute opposition to that statement... I was asked to do a long term project, and after a week of being happy doing said project, I'm told that it will "probably be taken away from you (me) because you're (I'm) new and there are people here who have been here longer." Wait, YOU asked me to do this. YOU can hear that I am extremely good at this, and yet you are going to take it away because someone is whining that I am too new? I'm struggling to keep up with school because my original schedule plan had not been made with 4+ hours of overtime scheduled into each work week. I am not asking for the overtime, I'm just not able to finish up on time. And I am not someone who will just brush off a customer because it's quitting time. I'm just tired and angry ALL THE TIME. So when I finally do have a day off work, I get to spend it trying to catch up on schoolwork and household chores. This last Friday (which is the first day of my weekend currently) I spent the day doing tons of laundry, dishes, unpacking a couple of things, cramming about 7 hours of work on the tablet (where my schoolbooks are located) and I took the cat out onto the patio for a really good brushing. The pile of cat fur when we were done (after 20 minutes) was as big as the cat it originated from. When I felted the pile down into a ball so it wouldn't just fly everywhere, the ball was still as big as his head. And there was still more coming off! I am planning to go talk to my boss after next weekend. I want to see if we can work out a compromise where I don't feel so much stress, and I maybe am not willing to just walk out and tell them all where to stick it. Because I really don't want to have to look for another job. But I need more of my time back with me, and I need less stress. I spent most of my work day today being screamed at by customers and told that I am less than useless/worthless and I am the least helpful/polite/nice/whatever person they have ever had to deal with. So just a note for the next time you talk to customer service or tech support. Are they always correct? No. Does that give you the right to scream at them? No. And by all that I hold holy, I hope that everyone who screams at someone doing a horrible, thankless job like this gets karmic retribution like you wouldn't believe.

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