Friday, July 18, 2014

This piece goes HERE, and this piece goes HERE, and this piece goes over THERE

Things are still slowly fitting into my life. I finally finished the reading for my school class, and took the pre-test for the final exam. I passed that and am now going to get the actual final exam scheduled. In the meantime, I am finally out of the condo. It goes to auction next week, and I finally managed to get the washer and dryer sold. I gave away the range, and then I left the keys in the condo and left, locking the door behind me. I am now back home and dealing with things at home. I plan to take 2 hours just for me and watch a movie. I'm looking forward to this. I haven't watched ANYTHING in about 3 weeks. But I only get to watch one movie. The rest of my day needs to be spent unpacking, putting things away, doing chores, like laundry, and starting my reviews for the final exam. I know which parts of the class I need to focus my review on, so I am going to go over those chapters and try to make sure I score as high on the final as I did on the pre-test. Or better. :) Work is still not what I want to be doing, and I am still unhappy with it. They are making some changes, which may be good for me, but may not be. We'll have to see. For now, I'm trying to just breathe and concentrate on what I can actually change.

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