Thursday, September 18, 2014

Almost a Month, and Avast!

Tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

To be honest, I want to talk to people as little as possible, so probably won't exercise my Pirate-ese. I do plan to see if I can get one of the maintenance guys over to help me put up the wall mount for the TV. I plan to vacuum and make some necessary phone calls.

But mostly, it's going to be quiet time at home.

Things are not getting better with work, they are getting worse and worse. I don't know what on earth they think they are doing, but they are wrong. What they have taken to doing to their employees is wrong. There are still some jobs that I have had that were worse, but the number dwindles every week.

Which is why tomorrow is going to be quiet and rather home bound. Because I need it, desperately.

If I can get the TV set up, I might even watch a movie. I think I know where those are... maybe.

Oh, and just as an update for school watchers... I just passed my second to last course for this semester this week. I will admit to being tickled pink because I hadn't even downloaded the book and still passed it easily. I blame my mother and grandparents for that. ;) It was a public speaking course. Between family members in toastmasters most of my life, and the fact that I have been public speaking since my teens, I am pretty conversant with public speaking. So I have passed Leadership, Geography, and Business Communication in the last few months. I just have Biology to go and this semester will be done. This is the "easy" semester, so future ones will be a lot harder. This one was all the basics.

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