Wednesday, October 22, 2014

School is hard

Which, right now, isn't quite true. The subject isn't hard.After over 20 years, I still remember enough to almost pass the test without studying. But not quite enough.

Granted, it's Intro to Biology, and I love Biology. And granted, it's Intro, so super basic. I was taking Biology 101 as a Junior in High School. Yes, Biology 101 as in college level. Passed with flying colors, too.

The hard part isn't the subject. The hard part is forcing myself to study something that even though I love it, is irrelevant to my degree and course of study. Unless someone is going to let me do biology experiments on employees, not really relevant to a Business Management degree. Not really, no.

I'm going to try a few new ideas for getting myself to the point of study for the rest of the semester. I have the first one already set up, which is a study night with another student. She desperately wants someone who will help goad her into studying and the structure of "study night" will be helpful. It will be good for me as well, since it will get me away from the house and into a situation where there are fewer home distractions.

In non-school news, Fiber Fusion was this past weekend. That's one of our newest Fiber festivals. It's 4 this year. It was a very pleasant weekend. I did not take any classes, which was kind of nice for time. I do wish I could have taken at least 1, but financially, that was impossible. I did help a friend with her booth and it was nice to be able to help her at the drop of a hat. I got to spend time socializing with new friends and strengthening friendships with others. I came home with a gorgeous braid of fiber to spin that I bought, 2 partial braids that were payment for work, and 2 braids that are work. That last is because a new friend asked if I would be willing to spin a shop sample for her. Since I adore her colors and fibers, I said sure. I said it as nonchalantly as possible while I restrained myself from grabbing the fiber and running away cackling. :)

So I am hoping to be able to get home in a timely manner most evenings so that I may study for half an hour to an hour, then spend about an hour watching some nonsense on Netflix and spinning. If I can spin it, ply it, and wash it by the 8th, I could even deliver it in person. She'll be back in the area for another fiber event in early November.

And now, I've procrastinated enough. It is time to go make my lunch and get ready for work. yippee. o_o <-- that's my excited face.

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