Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ways NOT to quit your job

So today one of the people at my job walked out. Stormed out is more of what the description was.

I don't blame him, this job is a TERRIBLE job. And I'm not just saying that because I hate the whole thing, I'm saying that from the perspective of someone who has done this sort of job for years and years, and moved from the very bottom of the ladder up to being a team lead and even doing the job of Team Manager/Supervisor for one of my call center positions.

We have received little to no training on most of the systems we use for customer interactions. We received little to no training on the devices and operating systems that we are required to support. We constantly get told to handle anything and everything that is thrown at us, but we have no training or information on what we are doing.

We are belittled, mocked, insulted, ignored, and verbally abused almost daily. We are forced to handle two customers at a time, while not telling the customers that we are working with two people at a time, but we are also told that we are required to give our undivided attention to the customers. Seriously, that's a piece of paper that they require us to "agree to" over and over.

We used to have quite a few roaming help desk people and then a few months ago we were told that to bring us in line with some ephemeral ruling from somewhere in the company, that our help would be dropped down to 1 help desk person per 1.5 teams. This left us with no backups, no help if any one of those help desk people were sick or on vacation, nothing.

And trust me, it keeps getting worse there.

However, it's really a bad idea to send a poorly worded letter to your boss and his boss saying "I quit" and including a lot of issues that while they are absolutely valid, are written in such a way as to sound like a whiny poor-me, I'm so abused type of voice.

I don't blame him in the slightest. He got no respect, like all of us. He was one of our help desk people and every time he or any of the others tried to bring up issues, they got slapped down... again, like all of us.

However, this is NOT a good way to quit a job.

I hate how this office is run. I hate how this department is run. I have worked for call centers before and the best ones were ones that actually treated their employees like they were worthwhile. Not like here. However I will not quit so suddenly and with no notice. If I can manage to get through a year, then I plan to try to move to a different department.

Contrasting my old position with this one? Heaven and hell. Seriously.

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