Saturday, June 20, 2015

Getting ready for dinner

I'm having a bit of a waffling moment.

I am really hungry, and I need to eat.

I WANT waffles, or burgers, or bratwursts.

I'm not going to make waffles at 8pm at night. I won't make burgers for the same reason.

I do have some brats in the fridge, so they are a possibility.

I also need to make a pasta dish because we are having a potluck at work tomorrow. I'm bring one of my favorite pasta dishes for the potluck. It's thin spaghetti, artichokes hearts, olives, onions, herbs, and 4 cheeses.

My quandary right now is do I make the pasta and just have that for dinner as well as for the potluck tomorrow? Or do I make the brats for dinner and the pasta for the potluck?

I don't know and I have trouble making decisions when I am hungry. :)

An update on the shower:

They have finally gotten the surround up, that went up last weekend, but it didn't get caulking until this past Monday. Unfortunately, it is still not done. They need to come back in and do some patching of the mud and then when that is done, they still need to sand and paint.

And I need to break it to them that they need to get a fiberglass repair/patch kit. One of the guys hit the foot of the tub with a tool (I'm guessing a palette knife) and there is a hole through the tub. Since it isn't big enough or in a place that could require replacing the whole tub, a patch will do... but it does need to be done.

I was working on the computer and had the TV onto Food Network as background noise. Apparently they have a new show where they talk about the top 5 of something in the country. I realized, as this show started, one of the big problems I have with Food Network in general and shows like this in particular.

They focus on their own "home" areas. If the host or crew is most familiar with a specific area (let's say LA) then miraculously, that's where a lot of the restaurants highlighted are located. I don't care much about a burger joint in New Mexico or Rhode Island. I'd rather see a show about the top 5 whatevers in MY area. I've noticed that other "highlight" shows do the same sort of thing. They almost never come to my area and I lose interest very quickly.

I don't need to watch a show that never shows me anything relevant to me and only serves to make me at least marginally unhappy with where I am or what I am eating.

And then my cable went out (again) and I turned the TV off. :D

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