Monday, June 22, 2015

Quick note about commercials

I'm watching CSI on Hulu. I used to watch CSI on TV and I really enjoyed the show. I do have some issues with it, like the fact that CSI and a lot of the other crime drama shows have told the american public that so many impossible things are totally possible. Like the police or the cell phone companies can track your phone no matter what. (Sorry, no can do.) Or that a picture taken by a security camera from 100+ feet away from a car going around a corner can totally be blown up so that the license plate can be seen perfectly. (No, not this either.)

Anyway, this isn't about CSI, or what can/can't be done.

This is about the really annoying commercial from McDonald's wherein apparently McDonald's doesn't think that sirloin is available in other places than their so-called restaurants.

the annoying commercial keeps going on about how if you don't try one of their sirloin burgers you will somehow NEVER know what sirloin tastes like...

Because I will NEVER be able to buy sirloin at the grocery store, or cook it myself and have a MUCH better dinner than a burger that is more likely to be crappy sirloin trimmings than anything else.

Heck, if I was really sold on having a sirloin burger, I'd buy a lovely sirloin from the grocery store and either have them grind it for me or bring it home and grind it myself. Either way, I'd definitely have a better burger.

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