Sunday, September 13, 2015


It's a "huh" type of day...

I got to work and it was a LOOOOONG day. I'm back on longer shifts, and I can definitely tell.

We got pizza at work today, but I still ate my lentils for lunch. I did get to bring home some pizza leftovers, so that was super nice.

I was listening to a podcast on my way to work today (do you have any podcasts that you like? I'm up for suggestions... ;)

Anyway, I was listening to the podcast, and it is the TwinSet Designs Podcast. I'm enjoying it, like always. There's humour, and learning, and random stuff. They get to their contest section, and I have to say, I am not always caught up on my podcasts, because I have several that don't fit in one trip to and/or from work... So I had forgotten which contest they were doing. I don't generally get to enter the contests, because I'm so often late listening. This was a contest about knitting mitered squares. I'd posted that I would make a little vest for the cow.

The cow is for my boss, who has a dream to dress a cow in a dress and pearls. I bought a little cow statue, and I'm gathering fabric to make some clothes (a dress and some cape style clothes) and I need to grab the bead box that is over there (gestures towards the dining room area) and see if I have pearl-like beads in there. I know I have a pile, but they might all be in storage. I really need to get more stuff out of my house and get more of the stuff from storage here. I had honestly wanted to get all my stuff OUT of the storage unit by the end of last year and that didn't happen.

However, right now, the cow is still in limbo while I work on school and knitting on the baby blanket. As soon as I have some fabric scraps, then I will spend a little time working on the cow clothes too.

As for the baby blanket?

It doesn't look like much yet:

I am on my third time around on the blanket. The first time I got to the part where the writing pattern starts, and my stitches did not line up properly. AT ALL. It was always off by at least 1 stitch. So I tried plugging along through a few rows, and not one row lined up like it was supposed to. So I ripped it all out. I cast on again, slightly smaller, and I got a good start... and somehow a stitch escaped me, and no matter WHAT I tried, I couldn't get it back on the needle properly. It kept leaving a hole in the knitting, so the whole thing got ripped out again.

This time, It's still the slightly smaller size, I have my stitch markers for the border in place, and my next knitting row, I am going to be counting all my stitches to make sure that I have the right number. After that, my pattern stitch markers will be added in. And, last but not least... the row before the pattern begins, will get a life line. (For you non-knitters, that means I'm going to run probably a piece of floss or really thin yarn through all the stitches and leave it there. That way, if something DOES go horribly wrong, I can pick up all my stitches again without having to rip out the entire blanket (again).)

However, tonight I had intended to edit my school paper that was sent back for revisions. (Seriously? I have to put in-text citations when I didn't quote anyone? REALLY?! DUMB!!!) I apparently also have to include the neon sign that says "HEY! I DISCUSS THAT BIT RIGHT HERE!!"... sigh. I know that paper graders for school do not have an easy job, I've had to grade papers before, but sometimes....

However, work ran late, and even though I didn't have to cook dinner because I got to bring home leftover pizza... I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night, and I'm exhausted. I looked at my paper, and the first thing I thought was "What language did I write THAT in?" It's English, by the way. ;)

So I'm going to go to bed tonight and revise the paper in the morning when I can read and write English again. ;)

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