Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monday part 2

I know, it's actually Wednesday. However, my week starts on Sunday, then I have a couple days off, then I'm back on a for a few days, and yeah... it's a bit wonky. But it means that I get 2 Mondays per week. There's SundayMonday, and WednesdayMonday.

It is really hard, some weeks, to get up and get ready for work on WednesdayMonday. I'm tired.

I didn't get as many things done on the weekend as I needed to. I had a migraine all day yesterday (thank goodness that is gone) and it made thinking really difficult. The kind of difficult where you stand up to do something, and by the time your head stops spinning from moving, you can't remember why you were standing.

I had some phone calls to make and they did not get made. I had some various things on the computer to do and didn't get as much done on those as I wished. I did get some of the information gathered for my next paper for school. But the goal had been to have all the information gathered and the paper started. I have 1/3 of the information gathered, and that section outlined.

I did not get bread made, but I did get the roasted corn portioned out into vacuum seal bags and frozen. I did get laundry done, including towels, but I did not get the carpets vacuumed.

Oh well.

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