Saturday, September 19, 2015

Windows 0, Mac 1, 2, and 3

Okay, I need to start this off by saying I have used most of the major OS types out there. I've programmed in several languages, and have owned multiple Mac and Windows computers.

This new Windows laptop with Windows 8?

Yeah, NO. This is enough to turn me so far off Windows that I am SERIOUSLY looking at buying a Mac when I buy a new desktop computer.

I don't like the layout, I don't like the menus, I don't like how little control I have. I absolutely LOATHE the fact that I have to see "recommended, popular apps" from the App store in my Start Menu. I LOATHE the tile layout. I despise the fact that all the things that I know how to do on XP, or even DOS are now nearly impossible on this new Windows version.

Do I own a lot of Windows programs? Yes.

Do I own a lot of very old Mac programs? YES.

Are Macs WAY more expensive than a Windows Machine? Yes.

At this point, are they worth it? HELL YES.

My oldest Mac could run a Windows emulator to allow me to run Windows programs. New Macs can do the same thing. And if I buy a Mac Tower, I can install my old hard drive and have it be a bootable drive so that I can still run a lot of my old programs.

I am frustrated by the fact that it takes me about 4 times longer to find the programs that I need on the Windows 8 menus because they are so busy trying to convince you to buy crap.

I resent the fact that they have installed POP-UP ADS FOR PROGRAMS THAT ARE TRYING TO CONVINCE ME TO BUY THEM. Things like Farmville.

I am so pissed about all of this that I might even change my direct deposit so that a little money goes into a different account specifically so that I can make SURE that I have money being socked away to buy a Mac.

In the meantime, I will continue to struggle through with this, but I won't buy another Windows laptop unless I have no other choices. Because this is just stupid. I don't like it on games, I don't like it on my phone, and I really don't like it on my computer. If I want a program, let me get it myself. Get your sticky, GREEDY fingers out of my stuff.



On a happier note, I've gotten a few more rows done on the baby blanket. The writing is finally taking shape and looking like it should. I can read the knitting much better this time around.

And I have lovely large cup of tea on ice. It's my favorite black tea blend, called Winter Solstice. It's black tea, vanilla, some spices, and citrus. It's gorgeous and wonderful. And I really, really, desperately hope that the maker continues to make it. (It's a seasonal blend, and I buy a year's supply at a time, which is HORRIBLY expensive, but since I only have about 2 months that it is available, I do it. Because I NEED this tea. This and Lemon Rose are two of my favorite teas in the whole world. Which is why I buy this one a year's supply at a time.)

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