Saturday, October 24, 2015

Last was a busy day, this is a busy week

Finished up Fiber Fusion last week. ::sigh::

I love Fiber Fusion. I love getting to see friends that I only see once or twice a year. I spent a day with my friend Susan from Abstract Fiber. She was vending, I was spinning and occasionally booth sitting for her. I ate deep fried brussel sprouts and those were delicious.

At the end of the weekend, I had spent very little money, I had taken a class on spinning Bast Fiber Blends (bast fibers are plant fibers from the stems of plants, like flax for making linen, or hemp like what is used for paper.) I had spent time with friends and gone to dinner with my friends from Idaho. It was a lovely time.

At the end of Sunday, I helped Susan break down her booth. We had a pair of other helps too, so we had her not just broken down, but packed in her car and on her way in just about 30 minutes. Very few vendors were out that fast. :) We felt super proud.

I then crashed for about 12 hours because I was absolutely exhausted. Damn no manners dog downstairs woke me up by barking again in the middle of the night. But I was so tired that I could barely figure out how to hold the phone, let alone dial or speak. So I didn't call the office to complain. I've taken to doing that because the dog is allowed to bark just about unrestrained. And at all hours. We're talking not just noon, but also midnight, 2am, 4am, 10pm, etc. So I've waited, and been patient, I've tried mentioning it to the office without rancor, however it's been a year (nearly) that the bastard has had his dog (that is NOT a service dog. It might be an emotional support dog, but he is claiming service dog. It's not.) Anyway, at this point, the dog barks a large portion of the day, and charges across the deck and leaps up on a stump to bark and growl at people. I've been barked at and growled at when I leave in the morning, when I get home at night, and even when I'm in my BEDROOM PUTTING AWAY LAUNDRY. This is unacceptable in an apartment dwelling animal. So now, I call the office and report him most times. Because I can handle the jerk having a dog that he should not have per the rules of this place (we are supposed to be a no dogs complex, which was one of the reasons I wanted to live here), but the dog needs to be trained for an apartment.

Enough on the bastard and his not a service dog.

Monday after Fiber Fusion was dedicated to schoolwork. I had a call with a professor to discuss a paper that had been sent back multiple times for revision. I made the changes she suggested, and resubmitted the paper again. I was furious when it was returned AGAIN, with the EXACT SAME FEEDBACK AS PREVIOUSLY. No matter what I had changed, I received no useful feedback. So I made another appointment with the professors, got a different professor this time, and explained the situation. She set up a ticket with the e-care (digital content) team to have them investigate and call me. I talked to them and politely pointed out that I was being told the same thing over and over, however, my changes were being ignored. My guess is that they were ONLY looking at the table part of the assignment, rather than the discussion part. So the ecare team filed an appeal, and this time my paper passed. I need to go fill out a feedback form on the situation, though, because that is not helpful for students. If there are two sections that are nearly identical for a paper, then they need to specify which section they have issues with. But that's my opinion.

Regardless, it is now passed and I am moving on to the microeconomics. I've taken the pretest and scored 54%. Which is still a fail, but not by much. So today is a lot of reading for class and studying.

I've also made changes to my resume and cover letter. I'm applying for another position within the company I work for, and I'm really hoping this will get me to an interview.

Because I am seriously at the point where I'm either going to move within the company or I'm going to quit. Because I've been harassed, discriminated against, lied to, bullied, and it is not getting better. I've even talked to director level people about this, and I was brushed off.

Nice thing about today, though. I can read and either knit or spin while I read. I need to clean the kitchen and I'm making veggie lasagna with zucchini noodles for dinner tonight. I even have a loaf of garlic sourdough bread. It's not homemade bread, but it is tasty. For right now, it's lunch time, and I'm going to go start that. :D

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