Sunday, October 30, 2016

I haven't been all that good about updating

I think about it, and then stuff gets in the way.

This weekend is no exception.

Let's see, the notables over the last few months... Went and visited my mom, Fiber Fusion in Monroe. Spent way too much money, spun some yarn, paid some bills, continuing to work at the new job, still enjoying it immensely.

The cat is still hanging in there, but getting slower and more in pain on a daily basis. I'm dreading the day when I have to make the decision that his quality of life has gone down enough to let him go. And I have no illusions that the day won't be soon.

I'm still working on schoolwork, continuing to get closer to graduation. I just turned in the last 2 assignments for one of my classes and will get started on my last class for the semester today. However, I have chores to do before I get started on that. Laundry is nearly done, and I have bread that needs shaping, proofing, and baking.

I have to get new polish on my nails. And no, that's not vanity. The stress from before I left the job from hell caused damage to my nails that is very slow to grow out. The polish helps to keep the nails strong enough to grow out.

You want to see something funny? You should watch a cat get the munchies from cannabis. It happens, and it's hilarious. Watching him do a vacuum cleaner impression to try to get any remnants of treats from his bed? And then fall over and act like he's dying? I nearly laughed myself sick. The cannabis is specifically designed for cats, and the vet has me trying him on it for 2 months to see if he does better on it. Allegedly, it helps with the specific pain med he is on and makes it more effective. I certainly hope so, since watching him limp across a room from pain makes me ready to cry from wanting to make him hurt less.

I'm starting again to think of looking at getting another bird. I'm actually thinking of getting 2, so that they can keep each other company. It won't be soon, but I'm starting to think about it. It will never remove the pain and sense of loss from losing Torrii, but it no longer makes me start to cry at the very thought.

It's a brief update today. But I need to go get the bread going.

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