Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ugh. 3:30am

It's not insomnia... it's just too warm.

And it really isn't too warm outside. But it's too warm in my bedroom.

I have to leave the heat on during the day for the cat so he can still move (darn arthritis.) And even though I turn the heat off and open a window before bed, I think the people downstairs turn their heat on and I am getting a lot of it.

So it's still so warm in my bedroom that I rarely end up under covers, and today I ended up not able to sleep more than a short while at a time (about 45 minutes) because I was just too hot. Which, given that it is 49 degrees out with a light breeze? Is a terrible thing.

I've had a glass of ice water and I'm hoping I can sleep soon. Sleep is nice.

I voted today. Have you voted? If you can, you should. And I don't say that because of the national "Get out and vote" movements that always happen right before an election. I say that because I hear too many people around me complain about the government and the way the country is run. And yet, a good portion of those complainers do not vote.

If you don't vote, and you are legally able to? YOU DO NOT GET TO COMPLAIN. NOPE, NOT EVEN A PEEP.

Voting, for all that our system is severely broken (in my absolutely NON-humble opinion), is your way to take a stand for or against something. Don't like the president and their policies? Vote. Don't like taxes? Vote (and deal, taxes are the way we get government and yes, we need it.) But you can get a say in what is taxed and when and how much.

And here's something else. If you want to actually make changes, not just vote for or against them? Then get involved. Do the legwork and the bookwork. Write up an idea, follow through with it. Get that idea on a ballot. Yes, it takes time and effort. But it's your RIGHT.

I have opinions. I have very decided opinions about our political system. I also know that it's extremely unlikely that any of my ideas would ever make it to a ballot, let alone beyond that. Not only because I haven't done the legwork to make them happen, but because some of the things I would like to see changed are things that most people know almost nothing about.

But I still vote and even if I vote for Donald Duck on all the write in sections (don't do that, it's stupid, juvenile, and a waste of a vote.) But even if I did, it lets me complain for another 4 years. So there. (I don't complain all that much, I have a lot of understanding and respect for government and how difficult it is to manage this many people. Yes, there are problems. Any time you get more than 2 people together in one small area, you will have problems.)

Anyway, if you haven't yet, step out and vote. Then you too can complain about the government and how much you hate the president, the congress, the senate, the guy down the street, or your shoes.

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