Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009?

Well, the year is off to a rocky start.

Financially there have been problems at my house, and from the jewelry standpoint it was a bit rocky too.

I received the headpins I ordered for making jewelry, however, I ordered headpins that were too small. ::sigh:: So now I am going to spend vast amounts of time setting up a shopping list for my next foray into purchasing (which won't be for a while), so that I buy the correct size of everything.

I also ended up picking up some more chain, and I meant to get simple chain, but I was rushed, and just grabbed the first one that came to hand... and it was a rope chain. It's not awful, but it's heavier than I had meant to get. However, it gave me a neat idea for a new jade necklace.

I got inspiration from the new year's fireworks to create some new jewelry. I created and uploaded Fireworks set 1 and Fireworks set 2. I think they are spectacular. I made one for myself and have gotten nothing but compliments on it.

I've been watching Eddie Izzard while working with jewelry today, and I would really love to give him a necklace or earrings and see him wear them in a show. :) I can dream.

So today I have a chain necklace to design, layout, and see if I can make it come together. And I have the jade necklace idea to lay out and figure out.

Shopping list, then jewelry. Should be an interesting day.

How's the new year treating you so far?

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Kayce said...

Ugh! I hate when nothing seems to go your way! I have those days a lot. I'm excited about the New Year as it has already been kind to me in the sales department.

Best wishes in the New Year~