Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More uploaded, stuff done, and general all around update!

Finally got the rose quartz and pink pearl pieces named and listed!

They can all be found here:
Gold wired necklace:
Silver Wired Necklace:
Gold Wired bracelet:
Silver Wired Bracelet:

I ended up naming them Blush and Bashful, after the wedding theme in Steel Magnolias. The funniest part was that I have never yet seen Steel Magnolias. :)

But yeah, got those finally named and listed. I was so pleased. I really want them to go to nice homes.

Yesterday I wanted to get some updates done around here and jewelry stuff made, but I got a phone call asking if I could do a couple of friends a HUGE favor and drive one of them to a doctor's appointment. He was feeling awful and needed to go get a CAT scan and an MRI. So I said sure, and they came to collect me. I took my crochet with me to work on in the waiting room. I am working on a mesh bag. It was supposed to be about the size of the reusable bags that you can buy from practically any store under the sun now... yeah, no... LOL I admit it... I did a gauge swatch, but not a really big enough one, and I fudged a lot of it... So that part is all my fault. But the bag is about 1/2 to 2/3 of the size it is supposed to be. But it's cute, so I am finishing it off and will give it to probably the 6 year old. She can use it as her very own grocery bag. :)

Drove James home, and was finally able to go pick up my car from the repair place! yay!

Sadly, I was only able to pay for it by not paying bills and not buying a few things that I was supposed to have bought. But car is necessary. So I'm trying to work it out.

I continue to work with the new spinning wheel. I haven't spun on a wheel in about 20+ years, and oh my word, does it show. I have 2 pounds of wool roving and 1/2 a pound of silk roving that are waiting patiently for me to feel more like I know what I am doing with the wheel. At the moment, any little thing can break my concentration and then it all goes to heck. But I am working on it. I have found that my flyer needs a bit more sanding to try to make the yarn feed just a bit more smoothly.

Once I am feeling like I actually am spinning well, then I can move towards one of my goals, which is to spin lace weight yarn with beads that can then be knitted or crocheted into some of my jewelry. And spin yarns that I will use for whatever.

I had a phone interview today for a "real" job. I don't think of them as "real" jobs, but as "bill paying jobs". My REAL job is taking care of myself, my pets, and my house. And taking care of myself most definitely includes the creation of my jewelry. Since if I don't get to create stuff, I go nuts!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

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