Sunday, August 9, 2009

I have some new things!

I went to a Renaissance Faire over the last 2 weekends. Had lots of fun, chatted with lots of people. I bought a new belt (Yay!!)...

And I found a lovely vendor lady who had several different gemstones that I wanted, but I was mostly good...

I bought 5 bags of "Mermaid's Tears". Blue/green beach glass that was tumbled, but not polished.

If I want to polish them, I have the stuff to do so. :) But I have some great ideas for wire wrapping them.

However, I won't have a chance to do any wrapping until thursday. Monday is wrestling, Tuesday is dance, Wednesday I have someone coming to pick up a monitor, and I'll probably go to her house after that to watch a movie. So Thursday, thursday, thursday, thursday.

Then I shall select a movie from my Netflix queue (one of the instant play ones), and watch that while I get wiring.

But for now, I need to go to bed. I was at the zoo all day and between last weekend at the Ren Faire, and the zoo... and THIS weekend at the Ren Faire and the zoo.... I am seriously sunburned and I seriously hurt. So I am off to sleepy land...

But I will post pictures as I get things going!

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