Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It wasn't my fault! I blame the cat!

I had so many plans to get so many things done last week and this past weekend.

I have items to photograph and things to get listed, and more things to make... it goes on and on.

However, I got the flu last week. It was so bad that my hands shook from Friday until Tuesday, and there was no way I could even hold my pliers, let alone actually get anything made properly.

Heck, Saturday, I huddled on the couch under blankets and tried to just knit. And I couldn't even do that because my joints hurt too badly from the stupid illness.

Sunday I did better and I was able to knit a few rows at a time. So I did that while watching the first half of Season 1 of True Blood. Cute series, it makes me giggle (and cough). But it also reminds me that I can't read those books for too long because after a bit, I don't care for the Sookie character. She gets annoying after a while.

Same thing for the series, she still gets annoying, but I can turn it off at the end of an episode and pick it up again later.

There aren't too many series that I can watch one episode after the other for long periods of time. 3 exceptions come to mind... Buck Rogers (the one with Gil Gerard), Farscape, and Red Dwarf. Those are the only ones I can think of where I can watch season after season without needing a break.

However, I am finally getting rid of the flu grungies. By later this week, I should be able to work on jewelry and even spin some more soon!

And, I feel very excited. I bought a new light tent for photographing my items. My current one works, but since it is made from a box with tissue paper, it's sometimes hard to manage. The tissue tears with a wrong look sometimes. And the box is ugly and sometimes I just can't hide the cardboard.

The new light tent is being shipped tomorrow (hopefully), and is a pop-up style like the pop up hampers and storage cubes you can find all over now. It comes with 4 different backdrops, and a little professional display table, 2 lights and a camera tripod. And the tent comes with it's own little carry case so I won't have to be trying to have a 12x12x12 box sitting on things! yay!

I don't need the camera tripod, I have 4 of my own. :D But the better quality nylon of the tent will better diffuse the lights, and the lights that are coming with it will be better than the single desk lamp I have currently.

AND I bought a flash diffuser for my hotshoe flash (that's the kind of flash that is attached to the top of the camera, not a built in flash.) So if I need a touch more light for something, I can use the flash without getting the harsh glare from it.

So yeah, I am TOTALLY excited. I will have more stuff done hopefully this weekend and I should have my new light tent either this weekend or next week, and then I will have to remind myself constantly that I am not allowed to set the box one on fire. :)

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