Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally got pictures!

Earlier this week I finally got my new light tent and stuff for my photography. Yay!

Of course it took some time before I was able to get it set up and actually in use. :D

Today was the day for pictures. I'd been saying it for a while that I would get pictures tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (like Macbeth, no?)

But I did it this morning. First thing! I hadn't even let the bird up yet when I set up the light tent and got everything set up. I did finally let him up afterward, but not before.

With all the ambient lights turned off and the blinds turned backwards to block out the light, I got set up. I turned on the side lights and opened up one of the backgrounds.

WOAH! The backgrounds (at least the white one) are flocked! This is fantastic! A velvet like background actually makes for better pictures because it doesn't reflect light back at the camera. It's why a lot of film makers who need a perfectly deep background to hide people in dress their people in black velvet or velveteen and stick them in front of black velvet curtains. It's expensive as all get out, but the people vanish.

So I am thrilled to say the least. :) I take a couple of test shots to check light levels and make the necessary adjustments to light placements and camera settings. I do want to check to see how to set the self timer to just be ON for taking jewelry pictures. Apparently it can't be, it has to be set for each picture. LAME!

Man, oh man... my colors are so much better in this than in my last light tent! Having 2 lights definitely helps. My displays are much better in the bigger tent, they don't run into the roof the light tent and I don't have to focus as tightly to keep cardboard out of the shot now. YAY!

The little display table is wonderful. It gives a lovely amount of reflection for smaller objects like my stitch markers, but doesn't call as much attention to itself as using fabric or something did.

I still need to work on a stand for when I use a book in my pictures, but that will be something I work on later.

Oh the other really nice thing about this new light tent? One of the sides is completely removable. It's either the front or the top. It has a slit in it, so if you want it to be the top, you can still shoot through it, but no extra light will get through. This will be fantastic for a lot of smaller jewelry or things that I want a top down shot on. :)

So remember the stitch marker bracelet conundrum I was having? Well, I made the bracelet, as I mentioned, and lots of stitch markers, so here's an example:

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