Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yeah, I've been slacking on posting again

I need to find an app to post with. I'd be faster that way. :)

I have ended up selling nearly all of the stitch markers that were up in my store. So last night I spent a couple of hours working on new sets and found that I am totally out of headpins. This is bad.

So I have to break my rule (only buying new materials when I have enough to justify an order from either Firemountain, or the other wholesalers. I'm ONLY missing headpins. I have been using paddle pins, which work and will be unique, but since they dangle and have the paddle on the end, they could potentially snag more easily than a standard headpin.

This means that I will have to stop at the craft store tonight on my way home and buy headpins at a higher price. However, no waiting and no shipping will balance that out.

I will then come home and work on more stitch markers and more bracelets, since I sold all the bracelets that went with the stitch markers as well. I even sold MY bracelet. The one that I made for ME, and used with MY stitch markers. All gone! All gone, so sad!

However, I have discovered that while I love the ease of using magnetic clasps, I ran into problems with the fact that the magnets in the clasps I had were so strong that it took a lot of effort to get them open without breaking the chain. So I had to include warnings with both of them to say "make sure to hold onto the MAGNET and not the chain when you open the clasp. otherwise the chain will break instead of the magnet opening."

I think I am going to replace them with S-Clasps instead. That way I won't have the trouble and I won't have the bracelet getting grabbed and wadded up by the magnet either. But that will wait until I order from Firemountain. :)

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