Friday, December 4, 2009

Go me! Creativity is coming out my ears!

It's late, so I am going to make this short. :)

I sold nearly all my stitch markers and all of my stitch marker bracelets over the last couple of weeks. I was so surprised I nearly spit my soup!

I only have 2 sets of stitch markers left in the store, so I have spent the last 3 nights making more. I also dug through all 9 boxes of bead stuffs and found my last 2 toggle clasps to use for bracelets. So I have 2 more bracelets ready to go, and (drumroll please!) I have 15.75 sets of stitch markers ready to go!

(1 of them still needs trimming and tidying before it's ready, but that will only be about 10 minutes of work.) So tomorrow, since I still have some thoughts on more ideas, I think I am going to finish up another few sets of markers, and then put away all the making side and get out the photo studio. That way I can photograph all the new jewelry and stitch markers and get everything listed tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.

Be ready for pretties!

I was very bad to my pocketbook and bought several new strands of beads for this. Including some lovely stripey cherry quartz pillow beads (puffy rectangles) and some more millefiori squares in blue and purple.

But for now, bedtime. I need to be up early to get to work tomorrow. Sadly, my brain is still buzzing with the "must do more ART" impulses. :D

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