Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That was weird, & A busy weekend

2 stories in one! Which will have to be short because it is after midnight and I really do need to go to sleep. :)

So I tried to log in just now and Blogger kept telling me that I couldn't be logged in because I didn't have cookies. Um, WTF? Yes, I do have cookies, I even have one for here, and Java is enabled. TRY AGAIN. To which Blogger said "Oh, yes, I remember you!" Weirdo.

So this past week, not just the weekend, was very very busy. I ended up coming home most days and making new stitch markers and bracelets because my last batch just FLEW out the door. It was shocking to say the least. :) But a good shocking.

So I needed more and spent many days making new markers. By the end of Friday night I had 20 new sets of markers and 5 new bracelets up and listed. I spent most of Saturday morning getting things photographed. Oh, how I love my new light tent! Things just look so much better! The light is so much more even and the backgrounds make things look amazing. And I love the little display table that is so shiny shiny that I have to wipe it down with window cleaner between each item to keep the dust off. But it is so shiny that I get lovely reflections in it.

Here's a picture of one of my favorite sets of stitch markers:

Seriously, these have the same look as a piece of creamy hard candy. Like those Werther's Caramels? Yeah, except these are pineapple quartz, and I SWEAR UP AND DOWN that they look like pineapple candy. Every time I look at them, there is an urge to put one in my mouth. And I'm NOT 3 anymore! :) But oh, these were hard to photograph. I think I took 15 pictures of JUST these markers and I only got the color accurate in this one. It's a tiny bit off, but not much.

And in other news, I have started knitting my first pair of socks. Or at least my first sock. :) I have a little over 1 inch done and I'm picking up speed, so I might be finished with the one sock... by christmas... maybe. :D

Between jewelry, continuing to unpack and put things away, and work? I just don't have as much time to knit as I might like. But I'm working on balancing better.

I was working on the crocheted hip scarf for my friend MissD, and unfortunately, screwed up royally on my decreases, and had to rip out 5 inches of work. I was so mad. SO MAD I tell you! So I put that down for a little while because I nearly destroyed it from fury. So I will start working on that again after next weekend. But there was no way I was going to let it stay that way. The edge that was supposed to be decreasing wandered around like a drunk cow.

Anyway, it's quarter past midnight, and I must go chill the bedroom down to about 35 degrees. My bedroom is normally only about 10 degrees warmer than outside, and it's 25 degrees outside right now. I know, I have been informed that my sleeping with the window open even in this weather definitely shows that I am insane. :)

Night night!

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