Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Overslept. Didn't mean to. I vaguely recall the alarm going off, and then getting up. Unfortunately, there was a 25 minute gap between the two. CRAP.

So there will be no further sorting of STUFF. Heck, I shouldn't even be here updating, but oh well. it's a quick update.

I got a whole bunch of beautiful garnet beads to make into stitch markers and necklaces and stuff. So I am probably going to come home, watch Dexter and work on those tonight.

Our weather is generally below freezing at the moment, but clear and dry. So dry, in fact, that it's dehydrating people like jerky! But it means that I leave work a bit earlier and work from home for an hour or so to make sure that I can get home.

We are expected to get more clouds starting tomorrow, which means we will be getting ice.

So today, I need to call the IT helpdesk and get my phone set up to get my emails. yup yup

My latest customer's package is all ready to go. I went a bit tape happy on it. But my last 2 packages that I have received were torn up, so I want to be extra careful with ones I send out.

Okay, now to work!

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