Thursday, December 24, 2009

wow, christmas already?

Where did the time go?

I have spent the last nearly 3 weeks working on jewelry and housecleaning. My sister arrived on the 21st for the holidays. We had 2, nearly 3 whirlwind days in Seattle and then headed to our mother's house.

Since I cannot work on jewelry on the train (can you imagine how much of a disaster THAT would be?!), I worked on getting more of my sock completed. I have now completed the heel turn! I am very proud of myself. :D

I expect I will have finished that sock by tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. Then I can start on the second sock. With any luck, by the new year I can wear my very own, hand-knit socks!

For now, it is quarter to 11pm, and my sister and mother are planning to go to midnight mass. More power to them. I am going to stay here, eat something, and then probably read my book until I am ready to sleep.

Good night, happy holiday of your choice, and peace and well-being to you and yours.

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