Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Well, 2009 has closed and we are now in 2010. Is it just me, or did 2009 seem REALLY fast?

Now we're trying to start a new year and we shall see what is in store.

So far this year, I have sold more jewelry, and I bought a whole bunch of alpaca fleece to play with. In fact, I have some in the microwave right now being dyed purple. I also have some that is dyed "black (more of a super dark purple)", some a wonderful rich yellow, I have a fantastic rich red and some variegated green.

Plus all the natural cream/beige color and some beautiful cinnamon brown. I am using this to learn more about carding as well.

I have a possible wholesale order for stitch markers soon. I had an inquiry about if I would be interested/could make about 100 sets of stitch markers and if I would drop the price.

I can get that many stitch markers done in about 4 days (of intense work), and should get started on that soon. Just in case. :)

For now, today is going to be mostly offline. I have a lot of chores that need doing around the house and not so many that need doing online. :)

And now I am going to go card up some more fleece and then knit some more on my socks.

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