Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick update before bed

Last night was "Surgery from the Zoo" night at my house...  No, it wasn't what you are thinking!

I brought home a large tub of costumes and stuffed toys from the children's play area at the zoo, all of which needed sewing repairs.  I sorted them out between Machine Sewing (straight seams, hems, other things that can be easily repaired with the sewing machine) and Hand Sewing (mostly the stuffed toys that needed repairs.)

Yesterday I spent about 3 hours doing surgery on a lot of little stuffed toys to fix them up.

Here is the pile of toys pre-repair:

Zoo Toys for Repair
I started with the Wombat on the far left.  He was pretty simple, just a couple of split seams on his side.  Repaired in a jiffy!  :)

Next came the camel on the far right.  He also had a split seam on his side.  Fixed up also!  Took a bit longer since his split was about twice as long.

Then I got to the Snake on the left by the Wombat.  Poor snake.  Someone had ripped open a long gash on his side.  But again, pretty easy to repair.  That one was much like stitching up a real snake after a radio transmitter is put in or removed.  Yeah, I'll just leave it at that.  :D

Fourth on the repair table was the poor little Ocelot who is sitting on top of the camel.  This poor Ocelot had been through hell!  He'd been torn open across the guts.  And had one of his foot pads pulled part of the way off.  That took more doing.  But he's much better now!  You can almost not see the scar!  See?

Ungutted Ocelot
Finally it was the Zebra's turn.  He just had a separated shoulder which is a super fast repair.  So he's all better as well. 

That red shiny thing under them is a satin lobster claw glove that was torn.  That's going to be the most difficult thing to fix.  It wasn't torn at a seam, the fabric was actually ripped asunder.  I decided that really the only way to fix it without leaving it prone to tearing is to sew a supporting piece of fabric underneath the satin.  I have a whole bunch of felt pieces and one of them will work just fine.  Then I can sew the satin to the felt, and then treat the edges of the tear with fray check, and then sew the tear up and it should be fine.

I also sold my very first skein of yarn on my Etsy store today.  I was pretty darn thrilled.  The buyer asked if I could wind it into a center pull ball, and so that will be on the To Do list for tomorrow.

Jewelry might get some more done soon.  But I am kind of thinking of wrestling furniture around first.  We'll have to see.

For now, it is definitely time to hit the sack.  Night everyone!

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