Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Distracted? Me? Whatever would make you say that?

It's been a while.  Like almost always.

But I haven't been idle, just not on the computer as much.  Currently I have a TON of projects going on.  I got the newest spinning wheel working (with help from my spinning group), I continue to work on 4 knitting projects (3 socks, 1 mitten, 1 shawl), and I have made more jewelry and I even did a full on portrait photoshoot for the daughter of a friend. 

It's been a very busy month and I have been fitting in house cleaning and unpacking in there as well.  I'm down about half the boxes in my living room and will be working on getting more sorted and out of here in a few more weeks.

I finished up a pair of hairsticks that I had redone about 5 times and this time I think we have a winner.  The issue was that the person who was to get them accidentally breaks them (rips the decorative bead off the end) every time she goes to take them out of her hair.  So I had fixed 1 set several times and tried several different ways to make it less separate-able.  To no avail.

So this time, I went at it from another angle.  Now, the hairsticks have a loop above the decorative bead, like always, but the loop isn't just glued into the shaft of the hairstick.  This time, it is about 10 inches or more of wire that actually goes through the side of the shaft and wraps around it, then back in again before both ends go through the decorative bead and form the wire.  Now, it should be WAY more difficult to get that bead off the stick.  :)

If I had a camera right here, I'd take a picture, but wait, I do!  :)


jpam1966 said...

You should be thanking me for challenging you to build a better mousetrap! ;-) I love the new design idea. Did you drill a hole thru the stick??? That would be awesome. Can't wait to see them!!

Ebonraven said...

I always welcome a challenge! I find great failures that way! ;)