Tuesday, October 19, 2010

and.... three weeks later

Things are finally spiraling back into control.  But MAN it's been a hectic month so far.

There have been complications with the zoo, so my volunteering there might be curtailed at least for a while, and I'm ramping up for the holidays, but have so many fronts that need ramping that I feel like none are getting very far.  :)

At this point, I finished the thrummed mittens for my sister (I'll post pictures tomorrow when I finally have a moment to take some), and I finally finished a crocheted bag that doesn't look terrible (thanks to someone translating the really REALLY badly written directions into easier instructions with proper english) and I found a fantastic merino/cashmere yarn to make into soft socks for my mother for christmas (I hope).

This weekend I have off from the zoo which will be nice, and while I will be heading off to the spinning group on Saturday, Sunday is going to be set aside for jewelry making and jewelry photography.  I have several new designs that I want to try to make and I haven't had time yet.

I had thought about trying to dye some yarn on Sunday as well, but I think that I need to really focus on the jewelry for now.  If I have time on Saturday, I can do some of that.

I want to do some more drilling of hairsticks as well, and that will take some time and careful work, which means I need to really concentrate on it.  I'm debating on doing the same in/out wrap trick on the bone sticks as I did on the wood.  We'll see.  I did finally find my lucite buddhas which I spent a YEAR trying to find and purchase, and then lost within 3 days of having them arrive.  They are now sitting on the bead table making me feel guilty.

And now, back to breakfast and getting ready for work.  Enjoy the fall weather!

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