Thursday, October 28, 2010

Are you sure it's still only Thursday?

Well, it is, but only for another 20 minutes.  :)  Guess I better head to bed.

It's still busy around here.  I did another set of senior pictures for a High School Senior.  Hopefully she liked them.  She said she did. 

Sadly, found out that my CD burner is having fits.  But I think it is just the system driver, so I need to work on that.

I managed to get food poisoning last weekend, so there was far less of everything for me then.  But Sunday I was feeling well enough that I did get some work done on jewelry.  I will take pictures either tomorrow or Saturday. 

I am still working on knitting projects at the same time as everything else.  I have finished the thrummed mittens for my sister, and I continue to work on the shawl.  I have made 2 grocery bags (crochet, not knit) and am at the foot of one sock.  I also started a hat as a test item to see how it turns out.  (the pattern is a bit strange and seems like it was made for a child.  So I am doing what I always seem to do and taking the pattern more as a suggestion.)

I also had a friend stop by and ask me to do surgery on her monkey.  Okay that sounds WAY dirtier than it is.  She has a stuffed toy monkey.  She also has mice in the house.  The mice apparently found the monkey toy and chewed the back of his head off, one ear off and one hand off.  So she asked me if I could knit him a small beret.  I told her that I can fix his head too, since I have grey faux fur.  And I am going to crochet him a small hook for the missing hand.   And maybe an eye patch...  and perhaps a pirate hat.

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