Monday, February 11, 2013

And a happy Monday to you too.

It's Monday. 

Monday isn't my favorite day of the week, but it's certainly not my least favorite. 

While I definitely don't care for the fact that I have to get up early compared to the weekends, I do like the routine of weekdays.

Monday and Tuesdays are busy days, with the other days still being busy, but not necessarily as long.

Today did start out a bit busier than I had meant it to be.  I made a loaf of bread yesterday and had not gotten it baked before bed last night.  (Going out to see my dance teacher perform will do that to you.  ;)

But I had the bread formed and proofing in the fridge overnight and I got it out and brought it up to mostly room temp this morning.  It got baked while I showered and got ready to go to work.  It's a beautiful golden brown loaf.  There will be sandwiches in my future this week.  :)

I finished spinning the 4 ounces of merino wool that were on my smallest spinning wheel.  I need to photograph it as a progress report and then just let it sit until the silk is spun and ready to be plied with it. 

I am still working on the test knit socks.  Pictures when the pattern releases.  Promise.  :)

I found a typo, but it was enough to make me stop knitting for a bit while it was sorted out.  Because it literally was that big of a typo.  Missing a single space can completely throw off someone and make things WILDLY different from what was intended.  :D  The pattern designer, however, was very nice and responsive about it.  I don't expect to finish the sock tonight, but I have hopes that by next Monday I might be finished with it.

A word of warning.  Don't get your eyes mad at you.  I managed to do something to one of my eyes and it was so upset that I could not even see out of it very well.  Thank goodness it is much better now.  Not 100%, but getting there.

The plans for this week pretty quiet.  Work, belly dance, more work, and a few other 'round the house things.  Be jealous of the excitement in my life.  :)

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