Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clearly this person is a hypocrite

So I'm reading a book (I know, you're shocked.  ;)

The book is a "true crime" book.  I put "True Crime" in quotes because while the crimes in question were horrifically real, the book is not factual about it.

I'm about halfway through the book and getting more and more angry at it as I go.  (No, I can't just quit, it's a thing.  There are very few books that I have ever stopped reading in the middle.)

This book is not a factual look at the crimes.  This book is the author declaring that she KNOWS whodunit.  And then she proceeds to spend the entire book telling you why she is right.

The Scientific Method says she is wrong.  She is wrong in her process, she is wrong in her deductions, and odds are good, she is wrong in her conclusion.

When you are investigating something, whether it is a crime, a brain teaser puzzle, or a math problem, you don't get to pick an answer and then show how evidence can be made to support your conclusion.  You take clues and facts and let them LEAD YOU TO A CONCLUSION.

Edit to add:  The reason she is a hypocrite is that she has gone on TIRADES about other authors writing books only to support their own pet theories without actual factual backing.  I'm not just saying hypocrite because I like the word.  :) 

::deep breath::

::another deep breath::

Different subject now.

So on Sunday I concluded a 3 week stint of super spinning that happens concurrently with the Tour De France.  It's a self challenge thing with other spinners.  We are not competing against each other, we are setting goals for ourselves and trying to meet them.

My original goals had been to finish 8 ounces of fiber to be made into a cabled sock yarn, 8 ounces of alpaca/silk fiber to be spun up and made into a 4 ply yarn, and 2 ounces of silk to be spun on my antique wheel.

Of those goals, I managed to finish 4 ounces of the fiber for sock yarn, and 2 ounces of the alpaca/silk, and the 2 ounces of silk on the antique wheel.

I then also spun about another 2 ounces of yarn so that I could clear off the bobbins, and I spun 8 ounces of fiber into thick singles (Single ply yarn) and 4 ounces of fiber to be plied after the Tour ended.

My original goal was 18 ounces of fiber.  I was partially thwarted by the weather.  The alpaca/silk did NOT want to be spun when the weather was hot and humid.  It wanted to stick to my hands.  A lot.  So that has been delayed until we have some cooler weather again.

My final pile of spun yarns was almost 24 ounces of fiber (maybe a little bit over that.)

This is the pile of yarns and in progress yarns when I took my final photo on Sunday night:

The picture in the center is everything all piled together.

As of last night, the orange/charcoal in the top left has been plied and is now just waiting to be set.  All in all, I feel sad that I didn't finish the alpaca/silk because I really wanted to finish that one, but I am really pleased with my total spun.  And even more pleased with the amount of room this cleared in one of my fiber bins.  Now I just need to keep it up.

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