Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Haven't had time to do much on the computer, really.  I did watch quite a bit of Netflix, but that wasn't actually so much watching, as it was listening to it while I worked on the beaded cap.

But the cap is DONE.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  There were a couple of things I would have changed if I had more time (and patience) but over all, I think it is very nicely done.  This picture is on a wig head, obviously, and so it doesn't lay quite as nicely as it would on a real human head.  But it's close enough.

Now that it is finished, I finally got a chance to vacuum my house.  It's been longer than I wanted to admit, but I'm finally caught up on laundry, vacuuming, and dishes.

Work is still insane, and still taking up the majority of my time, but I now feel like I can actually do something other than just beadwork when I get home in the evenings.

Add to this, I'm bird sitting for a friend while she is out of town.  So suddenly there is a bird in the house again.  The poor cat is absolutely petrified and jealous as all get out.  I work very hard to make sure he gets LOTS of personal attention when I am home. 

Poor cat.  The person I am bird sitting for is my normal cat sitter.  So when she came by to drop off the bird, poor Shu ran for the bedroom, jumped on the bed, and hid under the covers shaking.  And refused to come out for nearly 2 hours after she left.  Poor little guy.  It took another couple of days before he relaxed and seemed to realize that I wasn't actually going anywhere. 

In the last couple of weeks I read the book "Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century", and it was interesting.  It was a reprint of the book "So Brilliantly Clever".  I'm of two minds on the book.  On the one hand, I think that it was far more truthful than some of the books written about the Parker/Hulme murder back in 1950s New Zealand.  However, I do agree with one reviewer who said that putting Anne Perry's name in the title is exploitative and cruel. 

I feel for both girls in the case.  I do.  I think they were in a horrible situation and coming from less than optimal family lives.  I do not think this excuses what they did.  And I do think that both of them were at least borderline sociopathic.  I do think that they both got off awfully easily for the crime of premeditated murder, however, according to the law (at least for the country I live in) they paid their time for the crime committed, and are entitled to be allowed to move on from it.  They both changed their names and moved away from New Zealand.  And personally, I think one of the cruelest things was that people would not let it go at that.  Instead, they were tracked down and exposed to the public in their new lives.  So they got to relive all of it all over again.  Anne Perry was probably helped at least a bit by the publicity.  People are going to flock to her books even more to see if they are different because of who she is.  However, for Pauline, who retired away from notoriety, it just strikes me as cruel and almost evil to dig up her new name and expose her to the world.

I know that here in the states, someone found living under a new name, but with a history like hers...  they would probably be "downsized" out of their job.  For all she's paid for the crime, it wouldn't matter.

Ah well.  I finished the book and returned it to the library.  I've moved on to another book that while it is still non-fiction, it is most definitely not so serious.  :D

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