Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Look at me go, posting multiple times in a week!

See, I have my own blog duct taped to the front page of my browser window. (Not really, but sort of.)

It reminds me that the blog exists and that I should go post to it.

Not much of a post this time, really.

I did fill out a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about the computer place. I put in the complaint that it is taken care of from my perspective, but that I wanted the report to be available to other people.

I get today off from work, instead of yesterday. I'm working on filing all the stuff from the loaner computer onto jump drives or cloud drives so that I can move them onto my new laptop (not really new, but close enough.)

I'm also finally getting laundry going, the kitchen found (because my god that thing turns into a pit during the week.) I have chocolate mint lotion cooling in molds right now and my house smells wonderfully rich with chocolate and peppermint smells.

I'm really happy with the lotion recipe that I have. It's a variation on one that I used to use. I used to have a higher wax amount, so the lotion stayed firm longer and took a bit longer to melt onto skin. Which isn't a bad thing at all, but I wanted a bar that was easier to use on hands, faces, arms, etc. The higher wax content is my favorite for summer and for feet in general. The lower wax version is lovely for winter and for melting onto fingers and using on my face as well.

One of the things I have been told is that my scenting on the lotion is very subtle. Which always strikes me as bizarre, since they smell very strongly to me. I try to increase the scent a little so that other people smell more of it, but so it doesn't overpower me.

I'm still working on knitting the blanket. I re-wrote the charts for the pattern bit so that I can actually read it and see the numbers on the squares (that I put in there so that they exist.)

I need to spend some time this afternoon and evening finishing up my last paper for science class. And hopefully getting a start on the assignments for the business law class.

My schedule changes next week, so I will have way more time to get school things done.

Yup, this is really turning out to be mostly a filler type of blog entry. No ground shaking thoughts or anything like that. Maybe next time.

I'm editing this to add something.

I've told people this in the past. If you have a problem with me, please tell me. I probably won't figure it out otherwise.

I had planned on going down to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Oregon at the end of the month. I had talked to one of the people here about carpooling, we've carpooled in the past several years and I had talked to her several times since last year about carpooling this year. And I just found out that I was bumped. Apparently it was forgotten that I was supposed to be in the car too.

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